Data Services

Data Management

Data is the currency which imparts value into personalized and individually relevant communications. At TVG we treat data like gold and we’re experts at prospecting for data, mining for data, and extracting those valuable gold nuggets of insight we turn into response and marketing ROI.

A common myth we often dispel is that you must have recipient data to drive a successful omnichannel campaign. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. In many cases, assuming we know something about a target recipient can be a costly mistake. Instead, we prefer to let recipients inform us of their preferences. Our systematic methods for acquiring and managing data allow us to develop impactful and effective communications connecting recipients to your brand.

Whether you have no data, bad data, or you are swimming in an ocean of big data, TVG can help you acquire, cleanse, and refine your data into the actionable insights needed to achieve your goals.

Just like gold, we ensure your data remains securely yours. If you require compliance with CASL, PIPEDA, provincial privacy acts, or maintain data residency in Canada, GDPR in the EU, or ADA, CCP, or section 508 in the USA, we have the understanding, infrastructure and solutions you need.